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When you choose one of our packages in our Elite training programs we will demand a lot from you like it would be in any other professional club. You will be coached by our personal trainers who have a background as former athletes. Our ambitions is to develop our athletes in three basic things: training, mentality and nutrition. Before you start the training course you will be tested on several physical test that will give us an indication of where you are in terms of fitness level. Based on the test results we will organize a training program that suits your needs. At the end of the training course the same physical test will be repeated to compare the results. This way we can better follow and document your physical development.

The focus

From the test results we organize a training program that suits your needs, while the physical test will be done to compare the results

The prices

Within personal training we offer a flexible card with 18 clips as a solution, where you can use one clip hourly, followed with a personal trainer

membership subscription

  • 1 Clip Of 60 Minutes
  • 3 Clips Of 60 Minutes
  • 6 Clips Of 60 Minutes
  • 12 Clips Of 60 Minutes
  • 18 Clips Of 60 Minutes
Flexible card with 18 clips
  • Coached by ESPM personal trainer.
  • Includes a suited training program.
Elite Sports Perfomance Management



We guarantee you an effective course in relation to your goals and ensure that you constantly develop.

More Details

Includes exercises videos on how to get started with training quickly. we have a meal plan for elite members.

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